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Pledge World

This is it. The beginning of a potentially life-changing journey. Tell us your pledge, your dream, your goal; and we could help you #OWNIT. Are you ready?

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Due to popular demand we have launched a brand new contest starting March 8, running all the way through to April 26, 2019.

All you have to do is tell us how your pledge would change your life?

About pledge world

What if there were no barriers to achieving what you truly want to do? What if you could genuinely own your choices and have the confidence to make them a reality?

Want to go bull-running in Pamplona with your friends? Sing in front of 1,000 people? Give up work and live in a Tibetan monastery? Or do you simply want to make people’s lives better?

Whatever it is, you get to choose it – do it – and own it. You won’t be told to rein it in here. Because this is Pledge World by blu, where you can make virtually anything happen.

Make My Pledge

How it works?

Pledge World by blu is here to help make your ambitions a reality and all you have to do is Make a Pledge. Whether you want to make a personal pledge like learning a new skill or a group pledge, where you and your friends can sign up for the adventure of your life, Pledge World by blu could help you own it.

To make your pledge, tell us what life-changing choice, large or small, you want to commit to in 280 characters, then every two weeks our panel of generally awesome human beings, adventurers, artists and business folk select their favorite pledges.

It’s simple, every two weeks Pledge World by blu will help make those life-affirming experiences a reality. No matter what it is you have in mind, express it in 280 characters and you could be doing it a few short weeks time.

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Not sure what kind of thing would make the change in your life? We have some ideas.

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