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The Pledge World by blu is born from a shared desire to help people own their choices for a more positive life. Every day, we meet people who want to change their lives for the better by doing something that feels new, exciting or meaningful. It might be as simple as learning a new language or conquering a fear of flights; or making that promise to progress from cigarettes to vaping. Whatever it is, we believe there are five stages to achieving anything worthwhile…

1. Choosing It

Your pledge is a personal thing. One person’s walk in the park is another person’s mountain to climb. And, quite literally, vice versa. That first step of defining what you choose to commit to is the most important. It’s the beginning of positive change. So, whether it’s an epic adventure or long desired skill, make that first step with us.

2. Making It Happen

Every worthwhile achievement comes with a journey; and this journey is likely to be filled with ups and downs, successes and failures. You may need to draw on your determination to succeed, but if you can commit to that, we will help give you the tools, confidence and the space to achieve it.

3. Doing It

The moment has come. Your moment has come. Its time to step out on that stage, take that leap and show the world what you have achieved. This really is your moment to totally own it.

4. Freedom

There is an awesome sense of freedom in knowing you can make your own choices and achieve them. That you have the potential to change your future for a more positive one.

5. Real Change

Knowing your own potential and what you can achieve, opens up so many possibilities. It can change your perspective on what your life is, can and should be. From the everyday changes that can build into something meaningful, to completely life changing decisions, you can make those choices and own them.

About blu

We are the pioneers of our category. Long before “Vaping” was a word in the Oxford dictionary, we were smokers dreaming of a life without the negatives of ash or lingering odors. Our desire to explore alternatives, adventure without boundaries and our right to self-expression fueled our drive to introduce our first innovation to the world.

We’re proud to support the choices of the millions of people living their lives how they want to with blu. We want you to be confident in your choices, own them and be happy.

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