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The entry period for the Contest starts at 12:00 AM (ET) on March 8, 2019 and ends at 11:59 PM (ET) on May 3, 2019. Any pledges submitted after this date will be void.

On the pledge submission form, we ask for your name, date of birth, phone number, email address, state, zip code, twitter and/or Instagram handle (if any) and a description of your pledge.

Pledge World is your best chance of fulfilling a lifelong ambition. Through blu, we have started a once-in-a-lifetime fund to help you achieve virtually anything — so long as you’re willing to own it! Submit a pledge to Pledge World and we could help make any dream of yours a reality.

The contest consists of six two-week periods. Following the end of each Bi-Weekly Period, the judges will select five potential Winners in accordance with the judging criteria above. We will notify you of being a winner by the details you have supplied.

Pledge Details

Yes, you can submit a group pledge, as long as the idea is inspiring and awesome and a group is necessary for the ledge to be fulfilled.

The reason for the Pledge selection, meaning behind the choice, significance to the Pledger, and the driving factor behind the choice20%
The Pledge selected, originality of idea, the journey involved, and the perceived interest in the pledge20%
The excitement of the Pledge, risk and/or safety of the Pledge, feasibility of fulfilling the Pledge within a specified time frame, genuine and real20%
Ability to achieve the Pledge, clarity of accomplishment, significant and clear end goal20%
Clear perceived value gain of the Pledge, relevance of the achievement to Pledger’s story20%

Please visit our pledge submission page and complete the Make My Pledge form. You can also visit our How it Works page to read some more about Pledge World.

You can only make one pledge throughout the contest period. Any more than one application will make any pledge you submit disqualified.

If you find yourself in a position whereby you can no longer fulfill your pledge, please just contact us to let us know: [email protected]

You must be 21 years or above, you must be a legal US citizen and your pledge idea will be judged on merit for how inspiring, life-changing or generally awesome it is. Proof of identity will be required.

Prize Details

If you are one of our winning pledgers, you will receive $1000 towards your pledge.

We are funding pledges from our pledge fund, which is powered by blu

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