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Pledge #0067: Group Pledge #0067: Skydive over Yosemite

Pledged on 03/01/2019
Eric Tenbrink - My day to day life revolves around encouraging people to lead healthier, active lifestyles. I want to take that mantra and push myself even further, by attempting my first ever skydive.

Riley Westgaard - My pledge is all in honor of my grandfather who I sadly never got to meet. Following in his footsteps I want to skydive out of a plane and live life to its fullest.

Melissa Martinez - In the past I have let my weight and lack of confidence hold me back from trying new things. I’m now ready to shift those inhibitions, like I did the pounds and attempt a skydive!

Matthew Rennick - Having spent my career in construction and being up at heights, I've decided to pursue a new career path and want to symbolize that by taking to new heights and sky diving!

Cole Crawford - I feel like I’m at a time in my life where I need to start focusing on what makes me happy. My pledge is about taking that leap of faith and skydiving!

Emily Robinette - I’ve only ever been on one flight in my entire life and I plan to skydive out of my next one.

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