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Pledge #0072: Group Pledge #0072: Design Fashion Line

Pledged on 03/14/2019
Christian Bendeck - I’ve spent most of my life living the beach lifestyle with a passion for fashion. I now want to combine the two but learning what it takes to create my own line of speedos.

Kristen Richie - Having built my career on creating vintage inspired looks, I want to finally learn how to make my own clothes and one day produce my own clothing.

Payton Sartain - Living in LA, I love being able to express myself through my clothing. My pledge is to therefore take that passion and use it to learn more about how clothes are designed and made, in order to one day make my own clothing line.

Mirtha Michelle - As a poet, I love being inspired by my surroundings and have always wanted to apply that to my own lifestyle brand. My pledge is to combine my poetry with candle making and to learn how to create a product that stimulates the senses.

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