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And our winners are...

It’s that gold envelope moment. We shine a spotlight on the pledges which were worthy winners. Tears? Maybe a few were shed (and that’s just us). Acceptance speeches? Uh-uh. Now it’s time to make it happen. Let’s go!

Who knows, their pledge could inspire yours? Picture your face here. Own it!

Zoe’s Pledge

I pledge to live a healthier lifestyle meaning reaching my goal of weight loss and exercising more and pushing the boundaries of what my body and mind can do.

Zoe’s winning moment… “Thank you so much for this opportunity!”

Joshua’s Pledge

I’m ready to make a big lifestyle change and quit smoking cigarettes. I’ve tried and failed in the past but I’m finally ready to tackle this journey.

Joshua’s winning moment… “Thank you so much!”

Alexis’ Pledge

My pledge is to learn a new skill and prove to my sons that anything is possible. I plan for us to dive in at the deep end and learn how to swim as a family. No time like the present!

Alexis’ winning moment… “Great – thank you! I can’t wait to see my story online!”

Natalie’s Pledge

My pledge is to turn my life around and regain my body confidence. With the help of a trainer and dietician I want to start leading a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

Natalie’s winning moment… “Seriously thank you so much! You have no idea how much this means to me and how helpful it is. I am so grateful for your team”.

Taryn’s Pledge

I want to set a pledge that can change my day to day life and help me overcome two of my biggest fears- heights and meeting new people!

Taryn’s winning moment… “Thank you!”

Julia’s Pledge

I want to overcome social barriers and fulfil my dream of becoming a female airline pilot. I already have my pilot certificate and now need to work towards getting my instrument rating.

Julia’s winning moment… “I am so unbelievably grateful! Thank you!”

Shay’s Pledge

I want to help raise mental health awareness by overcoming my depression and anxiety and openly speaking about my own experiences.

Shay’s winning moment… “Thank you  so much for this opportunity! I cannot believe this!”

Cory’s Pledge

I have always had a fear of free falling and feel like it’s finally time to face that fear head on
by pledging to bungee jump! If I can overcome this, I can overcome anything.

Cory’s winning moment… “Thanks so much for the opportunity!”

Shawn’s Pledge

Life throws obstacles your way and sometimes they are put there to test you. I want to prove
to myself that I have the strength to not let anything hold me back by coming face to face
with one of nature’s fiercest creatures- scuba diving with sharks!

Shawn’s winning moment… “I’m still shocked and very grateful, thank you! Thank you Pledge World for this. Absolutely incredible!”

Courtney Jackson

I want my fiancé to achieve his dream of catching a Marlin in Florida. Despite living with a
tough health condition, he has kept on fighting. This would be the perfect surprise, proving
that nothing can hold him back!

Courtney’s winning moment… “Thank you so much!”

Sarah’s Pledge

It’s time to make a change and set a good example for my family. I want to lose weight and
start living a healthier lifestyle.

Sarah’s winning moment… “Thank you!”

Emily’s Pledge

What better way of conquering a fear then by facing them head on? I pledge to do just that by challenging myself to go cage diving with SHARKS!

Emily’s winning moment… “Thank you so much for choosing me, I really appreciate it!”

Juliana’s Pledge

My pledge is to finally overcome my fear of the water and learn how to swim! I’m ready to dive in at the deep end and gain a well overdue life skill.

Juliana’s winning moment… “Thank you so  much!”

Mariah’s Pledge

My mom sadly passed away last year before we got the chance to visit her hometown of Mexico together. My pledge is to do the trip in her honour, reflecting on how far we have both come and how much more I am yet to achieve.

Mariah’s winning moment… “Thank you so much again. I am so shocked!”

Melanie’s Pledge

Life is precious and I want to start living mine to the fullest. Working as a veterinary tech I have always wanted to help our wildlife and so my pledge is to visit an animal sanctuary in Africa to help make a real difference.

Melanie’s winning moment… “I can’t thank you enough for this opportunity… This means so much to me!”

Nakia’s Pledge

I have always been scared of the water; having been pushed into a pool aged seven. I want to finally learn how to swim and show my two daughters that their Mom can overcome her fear, no matter what the age!

Nakia’s winning moment… “I am still a bit shocked… Thank you once again for this honor!”

Michelle’s Pledge

As a single mom who works two jobs it’s hard to find time to invest in myself. I would love to break free and conquer my fear of heights. Skydiving, rock climbing or bridge walking – whatever it takes to overcome my fear!

Michelle’s winning moment… “Thank you again! I am still in shock!”

Michael’s Pledge

My pledge is to not let life pass me by. I want to step out of my comfort zone and learn to be more confident. It’s time to seize the day!

Michael’s winning moment… “Wow! This is so awesome!”

Nate’s Pledge

My uncle had a real passion for mountain climbing but he sadly passed away this year. I want to follow in his footsteps and challenge myself to climb the highest mountain peak in North America, Denali! I’d like to think it would bring us closer together and prove that anything is possible!

Nate’s winning moment… “Thanks for choosing me, this is so exciting! Thank you again!”

Cassandra’s Pledge

Whilst serving in the military I remember having a panic attack and passing out in my protective gear. Ever since then I have developed a fear of suffocating. I would love to overcome this and finally get my life back on track.

Cassandra’s winning moment… “Thank you so much!”

Nikita’s Pledge

I’m ready to set myself the biggest challenge of my life and pledge to climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania! 5,895 metres above sea level, standing at Africa’s highest peak will be a once in a lifetime experience with views that will be unrivalled.

Nikita’s winning moment… “I’ve never won anything before, thank you!”

Pedro’s Pledge

I want to overcome my crippling fear of heights but taking the biggest leap of all- skydiving! It’s something I imagine will be a truly spiritual experience and what better way to see the world then from up high!

Pedro’s winning moment…  “No way? Thank you”

Candace’s Pledge

I have always been very aware of the effects we are having on our wildlife and in particular I am conscious of the amount of sharks killed every year. I have dived with them before and am truly fascinated- my pledge is to therefore take things up a notch and dive in even closer!

Candace’s winning moment… “Oh great! Thank you!”


Kelsey’s Pledge

Living in New Jersey, I have never had the opportunity to explore the waters and see what beautiful creatures this world has to offer. My dream is to get the chance to swim with whale sharks – a once in a lifetime opportunity that would truly broaden my horizons.

Kelsey’s winning moment… “Awesome, thank you so much!”

Jacoya’s Pledge

Not one for a fear of heights I have previously zip-lined and parasailed and I absolutely love the rush! My pledge is to push myself even further and take to new heights…skydiving in Dubai! What better way to take in all the sights than from up high?

Jacoya’s winning moment… “That’s amazing, thank you!”

Kayla’s Pledge

I’m a firm believer that life is for living and I have always dreamt about road tripping across the United States and capturing each moment along the way. From surfing in the West Coast, exploring the Yosemite Valley to hiking along either the 2,650 miles Pacific Crest or the Appalachian Mountains- I want to see it all!

Kayla’s winning moment… “Oh my gosh!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!”

Dakoda’s Pledge

Laughter is the key to happiness and so I want to spread that joy by performing at the world famous Comedy Store on Sunset Boulevard. I want to know what it feels like to share a stage with some of the past comedic greats and get people to crack a smile.

Dakoda’s winning moment… “WOW… that’s awesome, thank you!”

Aaron’s Pledge

In the past five years I have discovered a real passion for food and cooking and love sharing that with those around me. My pledge is to take that passion further by refining my culinary skills and learning from some of the best cooks in Europe.

Aaron’s winning moment… “Awesome!”

Matt’s Pledge

To fly! I’ll base jump worldwide with my wingsuit in gravity defying destinations from Switzerland to China. I’ve got nearly 400 wingsuit jumps of experience under my belt, now I want to go further. At speeds of around 60mph it’s the ultimate bird’s eye view over the world’s most beautiful landscapes! I’m ready for take off.

Matt’s winning moment… “Unreal, thank you!”

Elise’s Pledge

To race around the world with my husband by my side. It’s the most amazing way to see new countries and experience new cultures. For us both this ultimate challenge would make our relationship stronger than ever.

Elise’s winning moment… “That’s pretty awesome!”

Dahlia’s Pledge

What do I fear most? Singing in front of a large audience. I mean, I know my voice is alright, but I’ve never really put it to the test! My pledge is to perform in front of an audience at the world’s most iconic venue, the Sydney Opera House. Let’s do this!

Dahlia’s winning moment… “Wonderful, thank you!”

Drew’s Pledge

My pledge is a peak challenge. I’ve been climbing mountains since I was 22, now I want to reach further and conquer the tallest in every state. Even the mighty (and daunting) Denali in Alaska, North America’s highest mountain peak. At 20,310 feet above sea level and surrounded by glaciers, it’s my most extreme adventure yet.

Drew’s winning moment… “Incredible!”

Amanda’s Pledge

My dream is to dive with the birds of the sea, the amazing flying Mobula Rays of Baja California. They migrate in their thousands, and they way of attracting a mate? Spectacularly soaring into the sky, gliding for seconds and belly flopping back into the surf. It sounds and looks incredible. I’d love to witness these majestic creatures under threat from over fishing with my fiancé by my side.

Amanda’s winning moment… “That’s awesome!”

Emily’s Pledge

There’s not a lot that scares me. I remember getting my first tattoo and I wasn’t daunted by
the idea of going under the needle. However, heights are a different matter… they terrify me.
I pledge to overcome my fear with an extreme personal challenge, a skydive. Climbing up to
12,500 feet is a whole lot of height!

Emily’s winning moment… “Oh Wow! Thank you guys so much.”

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Matthew’s Pledge

I’m a big thrill seeker, if there’s a new extreme sport I’ll rise to the challenge. Something I’ve never ticked off my list is skydiving. I’d love to learn. I hear when you freefall the wind races past at 100mph. That’s some rush.

Matthew’s winning moment… “What an amazing opportunity!”

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Jeff’s Pledge

My pledge is to swim with a giant. The largest animal ever to have existed lives under the
sea. I’d love to see the streamlined blue whale in its natural environment. Once endangered,
these incredible survivors can live for 80 to 90 years and the oldest one ever was 110! The
sheer size and power of these elusive marine mammals has always captured my

Jeff’s winning moment… “Really? That’s awesome!”

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Michael’s Pledge

Sharks are really misunderstood. Overfishing and hunting means they’re disappearing fast
and need protecting. My pledge is to learn more about the world’s largest predatory fish, the
torpedo-like great white shark. My up close and personal would be cage diving in South

Michael’s winning moment… “Oh wow, so cool!”

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Mindy’s Pledge

I’d love to go swimming with whale sharks. These magnificent creatures can live up to 70
years and measure the span of a school bus – luckily their favorite food is plankton! We
need to take care of our oceans, the place they call home, and I’d feel humbled in their

Mindy’s winning moment… “No way, fantastic!”

Tommy’s Pledge

My pledge is pure adrenaline. I hear it takes one second to free fall 200 feet from a plane.
Well I’m going to plunge to earth and rap freestyle, all at the same time. Not only fast paced
and more than crazy, but the most high-octane way to marry my passion for creating music
with a pulse racing, once in a lifetime experience.

Tommy’s winning moment… “What an opportunity!”

Cole’s Pledge

I mean, have you seen this from above? My pledge is to skydive into this natural sinkhole in
the sea that’s a World Heritage Site, The Great Blue Hole in Belize. Just to view the crystal-
clear water and coral reefs from 10,000 feet would be awesome enough. But to land by
plunging directly into this dark pool 410 feet deep and alive with marine life? Incredible.
Another dream of mine? To step up and sing in front of thousands. What a double!

Cole’s winning moment… “Nothing like this ever happens to me!”

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Michael’s Pledge

Drift racing is a super-skilled sport, oversteering while keeping control of those tight corners.
My dream is to learn drifting from a professional and race against them in the ultimate road
test! All from the driving seat of a luxury sports car like a Ferrari or Lamborghini – I’m so
ready for this!

Michael’s winning moment… “So excited you chose to make my dream a reality!”

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Leslie’s Pledge

My dream is to fly on a plane for the first time to Dubai and Zipline through the city and also learn to sky dive. I want to overcome my biggest fears of flying and heights.
My goals are to overcome those fears and get back to my normal, adventurous, courageous self.

Leslie’s winning moment… “So happy! I can’t believe it.”

Rutger’s Pledge

My pledge is an extreme icy adventure. I want to experience glacier hiking and ice climbing
in the most amazing place, Iceland! What would take it to the next level? If I was lucky
enough to witness the awe-inspiring swirling glow of the Northern Lights. Feeling suitably
small in this beautiful universe is good for the soul.

Rutger’s winning moment… “For real?”

Dustin’s Pledge

To complete the most dangerous hike in the world. I’m not doing it alone, this pledge is for my wife and me. Together we’ll ‘plank walk in the sky’ 2154 metres above ground on the
perilous edge of Mount Hua Shan. Considered one of the five most sacred mountains in
China, it’s explored by adventurous locals too. Scared? Sure we are, but to see one of the
best views in the world? It’s what we live for.

Dustin’s winning moment… “You guys have totally made my week!”

Selin’s Pledge

When I’m scuba diving the ocean comes alive. One thing I’ve never encountered is the
Great Barrier Reef. Imagine exploring this 2,300km ecosystem home to several shark
species? My pledge is a great double. First to dive off the coast of Queensland and explore
coral reefs, second to see sharks and the glorious Great White up close.

Selin’s winning moment… “No way!”

Royce’s Pledge

I’m pretty adventurous but want to take it to the next level. I’ve swallowed my fear to abseil
vertically down 21 stories of a hotel. Now I want to up the stakes. I want to leap off the top of
a gravity defying building. It needs to look as good as it does on TV, so I’d like stunt training.
I’m ready to put in the hours. Anything it takes.

Royce’s winning moment… “Can we get this on film?”

Riley’s Pledge

My family’s Norwegian and my grandfather, who died before I was born, was a skydiving instructor and a bit of a daredevil. He did a BASE jump off the 3000 feet vertical drop of El Capitan in Yosemite, it’s now illegal. My pledge is for him. Norway is so dramatic, from the sheer face of Kjerag to our iconic fjords, I’d like to finally learn to skydive and see it from a new angle. This one’s for you grandad.

Riley’s winning moment… “I can’t wait to do this!”

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Alli’s Pledge

I’m going to two extremes. To test my endurance at altitude in Tanzania by climbing the volcanic spires of the highest mountain in Africa, Kilimanjaro. At 5,895 metres above sea level, I know I’m going to need training to get there. My other extreme? To swim Devil’s Pool in neighbouring Zambia, overlooking the cascading 108 metre drop of Victoria Falls, the world’s largest waterfall. I hear you can get right up to the edge. Terrified? Yes. Ready? Yes!

Alli’s winning moment… “So surprised! I’m beyond happy!”

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Ashley’s Pledge

Cooking’s always been a passion of mine, but I still feel I’ve got a lot to learn. What would the best chefs from around the world teach me? I just picture where my culinary adventure could take me. What a unique way to add to my own recipes, something I could bring home to my own kitchen. Cooking for friends would be like a world tour!

Ashley’s winning moment… “No way! I’m so excited”

Melissa’s Pledge

When I switched to vaping life changed, the dog got more walks than ever! A lifestyle switch
saw me lose 225lbs since 2013. Now it’s time to get out there. ‘Out there’ for me is the aqua
blue Havasupai Falls which spill over the red desert rock of the Grand Canyon. This native
American reservation has always been on my wish list. My pledge is to backpack the five-fall
trail, and see it from above, skydiving. Now’s time for my Arizona adventure.

Melissa’s winning moment… “This means the world to me!”

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